Purify skin to maintain long lasting hydration and provide brightening effect

Premium quality ingredients from Europe for cost-effectiveness results

Prevent skin aging and reduce wrinkles for soothing effect

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Dermatologist tested with innovations and technology for healthy-looking skin

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  • Crithmum

    An exclusive Sea Fennel stem cell culture with specific skin lightening to improve skin tone and firmness.

  • Imperata Cylindrica

    Provide dehydration to dry skin by creating water supplies and to moisturize the skin for long lasting.

  • 4D-HYA

    A combination of four kinds of HA with different properties to moisture and hydrate skin for elasticity directly from within.

  • MagicEx

    A natural active ingredient made of a unique combination of 7 natural plant extracts to obtain soothing effect.

  • Artichoke

    Hydroxycinnamic acids, present in artichoke, have a remarkable antioxidant capacity to provide protection from the damaging effects of the sun.

  • Swiss Apple

    Excellent for storability stem cells due to many antioxidants to nourish skin, reduce wrinkles of age and naturally smooth.