About ATIA

ATIA was originated with "Love and Care" to take care own skin of "P' Som". She had been using many skin care products, but still did not find a product that could completely resolve the complex facial skin issues.

P' Som creates ATIA with attention to every detail from attending training courses, consultation with Dr. Laksanaree, ATIA’s Dermatologist, through to meticulous selection of rich extracted ingredients from Europe and attainment of numerous standards and certifications.

ATIA has taken a firm stand on quality and standard to ensure the sense of differences and to achieve effective results by the users. This is in strong agreement with constant increase in customer feedbacks.

ATIA has always been committed to doing business with sincerity for healthy looking skins, efficacy, reduction of acnes, blemishes, freckles, dark spots and wrinkles, and effectiveness in skin brightening, hydration and anti-aging appearance.

ATIA - Beautiful, Smart and Confident for rejuvenation and facial care for all various skin types. True love and real care for your skins.